Monday, July 20, 2009

1 Utama!!

Yesterday, gu po, 2 biao yi and us went to 1 Utama to support An Ju biao jiu! He joined the dodge ball competition! E&A love to c people playing ball! We reached there around 2.30pm, then watched An Ju biao jiu played for 1 match! After that, we went to shop around!

Gu po wanted to buy a pair of shoe! She looking around at shoe department in Parkson. So, we just sat there and wait for her. After awhile, E&A wanted to go down to walk! Since there was not many people around, we just let them down with bare foot. Once they went down, they were so happy!! Then, they went to take all the shoe down!! And Aiden trying to put the shoe on his foot!! I was so busy to put back the shoe!! :s Since there kept messed the place, so we just brought them away to walk around. Eden was so unhappy and kept want to go down to walk. But for sure I wont let him down again since he was not wearing shoes.

Around 5pm, we went back the place to watch An Ju biao jiu's team fight for the 3rd place! Yeah!! they won the 3rd place and got RM1000 prizes! Well done An Ju biao jiu!!!

Eden started to call "pa-pa" since yesterday! Hubby sure very happy when hear it! He, kept requested Eden to call him! Haha...

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