Monday, July 6, 2009

Back to PaPa's house!!!

Yesterday, we back to Klang's house. 1 month didnt go back there ad! I brought back the pool to let them play there! Now Eden start to move abit! But.... using his butt to move! Not crawl! :D
We went to Jusco Bukit Raja to shop and bought some groceries! I took 2 boxes of Nestle Gold cereal cause at home left around 1 bowl only! Then my hubby asked :"Why let them eat this?" Haijo.. sometimes when no time to cook can let them eat or can let them eat as breakfast! :s Then I saw the Heinz ABC pasta that i looking for sometimes, think to grab a pack but hubby asked again the same question!!! Since im not really know about this product, so I just put it back. Later on we at biscuit section, I took a box of cheese biscuit. He asked the SAME question again!!!!!!! OMG.....
We back to my parents' house after had dinner with PIL around 9pm. After reach home, I tidy all the things then hubby asked me to make protein (powder) + calcium (chewable) + multivitamin (chewable) drinks that he bought for E&A. Seem like they quite like it! Managed to finish all! ;) So, hubby asked me to make for them every morning!! Sigh..... The problem is not the time of making the drinks, is the time of let them finish it! They cant just lie on the bed and drink! They will crawl here and there after finish half! Then i need to chase them, ask them to finish it! Maybe they never drink milk like this before! :s

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