Monday, July 13, 2009

Funny Time~~

Yesterday night, me, hubby , E&A were 'playing' in the room. We realized Eden doesnt let anyone hug me! He jealous!!! Papa hug me, he pushed him away! So, papa started to 'fool' him! He kept hug me, face stick to my face. When Eden saw it, he will point to papa, shaking his head and shout :"uh!!!!". Then he will come to us and push papa away!! Whenever papa hug me, when he see it, he will do the same thing!! So, I asked him :" Can papa hug mommy, kiss mommy?" He shaked his head! I asked again :" Can korkor (Eden) hug mommy, kiss mommy?" He nodd his head and hug me!!! Aiden just copying what Eden do! He also came to me and hug me!

Recently, when Eden doing something and want whoever attention to see what he is doing, he will wave his hand and 'call' that person :"Eiii!!!!". Very impolite! Call people "Ei!". But very cute!! Baby, when you can talk very good that time, you can't call people "Ei!" anymore!! Must be a polite and good baby!!! Mommy and papa always love 2 of you!!! ;)

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