Thursday, July 9, 2009

At 'Gu Po' house again!!!

Yesterday, we came to gu po's house again! E&A were so happy when they know we'll go gu po's house. Cause i asked them :"Do you want to go gu po's house?" They keep nodding their head!! ;) At gu po's house, for sure, 'chiong gong' will fetch them by motorcycle! Round and round at the field, went to see goats!

At night, we went to a Buddist Temple (a new 2 1/2 stories house renovated into 'Fo Tang'). Because yesterday were 15th of chinese calender, so there had some vegetarian's food to serve everyone there! E&A were very excited and happy! Maybe because there had lots of people around and the most important-lots of food to eat!!! :s Can say they started to eat from begining until before they slept! Because we took away some 'tong sui-bak goh yi mai' back home. Then when we eat, they also want to eat! :s But even they ate so much and full, they will woke up for nen nen!! Many times!!

Today morning, chiong gong brought us to eat roti canai for breakfast. For sure they cannot eat! too oily! I brought some corn flake to let them eat. Half way, chiong gong's fren came. With 2 rabbit in a big sugar bag! He said the rabbit will go into somebody's stomach! OMG!! Pity rabbit!!! So cute!!! Chiong gong took out the 2 rabbits to let E&A see! Aiden make a 'geli' face with hand put infront of his chest! And Eden keep look at the rabbits and 'uh.. uh.. uh..' like telling us something! They keep wanted to go closer to the rabbit!!! :)

Evening, gu po and I brought E&A to walk on the field beside her house. We let them stand and walk on the grass. At the begining, both of them abit scared! But after awhile, Aiden started to walk with holding gu po's finger! Eden, he started to walk with holding my finger, but he tip his toe! Just for few minutes, he requested me to carry him! Didn't want to walk anymore! When wanted to put him down again, he banned his knee up! :D

Gu po's house no water supply since morning til night! So, we went out to 'po tai' (my grandma, E&A call her po tai) house to take shower. Before we depart, chiong gong brought them for motorcycle ride again!!! They were really happy!! When on the way to po tai's house, chiong gong brought us to see horse!! There are some horses and ponies! Aiden were so excited! keep pointing on the horse! Eden also keep looking at it! But very bad we only can see it in the car. Cannot go in! If not they sure will more exciting!!! :(

E&A sure very very like here - gu po's house! Because they get to see a lots of things here! Dogs, goats, cows, rabbits, horse, big aroeplane (cause very near to airport!), ride motorcycle, swim in the pool and etc... Now they don't know how to talk, if not for sure they will always say :"We want to go gu po's house!!!' :)

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  1. Not only E&A wanne to go gu po hse, i also want to go wo... hohoho