Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Finally... i start to blog in this 1/7/09 mid night 2.25am!!! plan to create a blog for my boys long time ago, only thing never move a step to start it! why i wan to hav a blog? cause through blog, i can remember all special things about my boys n even about myslef n every1 around me!! why named my blog 'Happy Twin'? cause i hope my boys will happy always! Live with happy, everything become easy!! ;)

1st of all, let me intro myself. Im fulltime mom with a pair of lovely twin boys! Everyday do with the same thing over n over again... Morning will prepare my boys food (lunch n mayb dinner oso), then will go out for breakfast with my parent if my boys wake up early b4 my parent go out! after breakfast will come home to bath for them, then later on will ready their lunch! Tthen around 2pm will let them take a nap. Normally they will nap around 1.5 - 2 hours. When they taking nap im sure will take chance to online to 'pek pek' with all my dearest MP mommies! After they wake up, will play with them, looking at them learning new skills, doing funny action...

Around 5pm will giv them some snack-biscuit, fruits n etc... Sometimes will bring them to my younger brother's shop which they like to go there cause lots of ppl will play with them there! After back from brother's shop, will bath for them again! Then around 7pm will ready their dinner! Almost everynight around 8.30pm will bring them to my grandma's house. Then stay about 1 hour, we will back home to ready to go on bed. Normally will put them sleep around 10pm++. Put them to sleep is my nightmare cause they very hard to fall sleep. always need to use up to 2 hours!!! Haih.....

hmm.. almost 3am now... really need to sleep ad... to be continue mayb tonight!! @@

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  1. Irene mommy, Good start & keep it on :D

    Eden & Aiden fast2 said TQ & muack2 mommy :D