Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Happy twin won the 1st prize in Disney Baby Pooh Fair Candid Photo Contest!! ;)

This is the photo that i sent to participated! with a candid caption but i cant remember it. Its somthing like this - Kor kor :"yummy yummy!!" Di di :"Hmmm... can I have somemore??"

Just now when I were at down stair, I asked wai po whether got any of my letter. Wai po said yes and passed me the letter. From the envelope, I know it was from Hytex Group - WOC Boutique S/B. At first I thought it was just a member invitation letter, so I just open it to see! After I read, wow!!! E&A won the 1st prize in their Disney Baby Pooh Fair Candid Photo Contest!!! This is the 1st time they won in this kind of contest! Before this all won are based on voting! Mommy so happy today!!! ;) I already forgot about this contest! Never think about it after I posted out the photo!! What a big surprised for today!! ;) So, the prizes are RM300 Hytex cash voucher + hamper worth RM100!! Mommy can buy something for my little Happy Twin with that voucher!!! Hooorrraayyy!!! ;)