Saturday, August 22, 2009

Cough! Cough! Go away!!!

Hmmm... Cough! Please stay away from Eden & Aiden!! 2 of you started cough last 2 days and it seem like getting serious! Can hear the phlemg sound when you breath! Especially Eden! You have a mild fever since yesterday mid night! You can't sleep well and keep awake! Mommy can feel your forehead and body is so warm! And your breathing is so 'rush'! Since you cant sleep well, mommy gave you some fever medicine. After taken medicine, you back to sleep in short while. But this morning you fever again! So, mommy decide to bring you 2 to see Dr. Chan before we go to ah tai's 69th years old birthday!

But! Now already 5.45pm! Your pa pa still not yet reach home from work!! Already asked him to come back early rhis afternoon! But till now still not yet see him!! :s Hope 2 of you recover very soon after see Dr. Chan!!


  1. oi mali hom, how E&A now??? fever must monitor well.. regarding the phlegm problem/cough, if you trust EYS, can try their product like "se dan chen pi mo" or the very famous de "hou ning powder". Really Good... :)

    if you trust western medicine, fast way to cure the phlegm & release from phlegm & "rush breathing" by using Nubuliser Gas. Just 5min sucking the gas, done! Clear! Oscar used this b4.

    When Oscar having phlegm & cough - he will be very upset & 'suffer a lot"... i will use both the method above, & it works well... :)

    Wish E&A recover soon!!!

  2. btw, you very jia lat CUTE, nag-nag hubby in this post! hahaha... YA! VERY IRRITATING FEEL when we are in rush for something but hubby's are still at work...very sien! :(

    ENjoy the event & take care E&A well well.. talk tonite lor...

  3. Irene, sorry just read tis post!! Is Twin was ok?? Will pray for happy Twin :D

  4. Hi, how's your twins now? Hope they are OK now. My boy also just recovered from fever. Try to give him more water to sooth his throat & cough. Lets cross our fingers & pray for E & A ^_^

  5. thanks for mommy angel, suhar and catherine concern E&A so much! muacks!! went to c doc ytd, and did the inhaler treatment. izzit same s what angel u said? hav to go for 3 days!! They cry until the whole clinic like going to runtuh!!! haha..