Saturday, August 29, 2009

2 little boys!

Hahaha... Eden & Aiden wearing wai gong's shirt!! Now, everynight when 2 of you make noise, want to go out from the house, yi yi will ask you go and take wai gong's shirt, wallet & handphone. Then 2 of you will run into wai gong's room to take all these thing! But for sure your height are not enough tall to reach the things, yi yi will carry either 1 of you to take it. Then pass it to wai gong 1 by 1! ;)

These 2 photo were taken just now when we at the small karaoke shop that wai po always go there to practice her singing skill! Aiden you was so happy and excited when went in. Because you saw a lots of lights surrounding you! (those big shining ball hanging in the middle and all the lights around it!) Eden you seem like 一脸茫然, like don't know what's hapenning! Look at your face in the picture!! :D

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