Wednesday, September 2, 2009

1 day trip to Berjaya Hills & Bentong!!!

On last sunday, 30/8/09, as mommy's plan, we went for a short distance trip to Berjaya Hills! Because of the H1N1 virus, 2 of you already 'lock up' at home for some weeks!! So, mommy wanted to bring 2 of you to have a walk and have some fresh air!!
9 of us, pa pa, mommy, Eden, Aiden, chiong gong, gu po, Suet Wei biao yi, An Jie biao jiu and Xiao Mei jie jie depart around 10am after breakfast. 2 of you were slept along the journey because you 2 slept very late (2am!!!! Because An Ju biao jiu brought some friends back home and celebrate gu po's birthday! 2 of you also 'play' with them til so late!! ) and woke up early morning!
Eden started in awake, sleep, awake, sleep condition when we going up to the hills and Aiden still wanted to sleep when pa pa already parked his car! Mommy kept call you up! Once mommy carried you out from the car, your eye straight opened big and looking around! The nice view attracted you!! After we all get ready, we started to walk to the Japanese Village. Actually there is a truck that can fetch us there but chiong gong said it's just 300metres away, let's walk there! So, we started to walk........

On the half way, everyone started to feel tired because of 'climbing' up to the hill!! Haha... So, we all stop for a while to rest and enjoy the scenery around us!

After the short break, we continue to walk again! Eden started to make noise, wanted to come down to walk! But the road is very winding, can't let you down to walk. So pa pa straight carried you on his shoulder!!!

Finally we reach to the Japanese village. First spot, fish in the pond!We were not interested in this but for sure 2 of you like to see it so much! Then we continue to the next spot, japanese house and garden! The condition there is a bit like in teh jungle. When we walk on a road that is only tree around us, we heard some insects sounds and orang utan shout! Aiden suddenly requested us to carry you and pat pat your chest, telling us that you '怕怕' (scared). Maybe you never been to the condition like this! Only tree surrounding us! Then Eden requested for carry as well! We know you were getting tired!

Another attraction, fish pond also! :D

Way back to the car after visited the japanese village! We walk to the car again. This time was easier cause we going down from hill! So we can let 2 of you came down to walk! But for the winding area, we still carried you 2!

Next stop, French village (Colmar Tropicale)! Nothing much to do there also. Just have a walk in the French feel street. And there is a children playroom. Since not many children are playing there, mommy and pa pa brought 2 of you in to play for a while. When in the ball pool, an aunty said Eden is more friendly than Aiden cause you kept pass balls and 'talk' to her!!

After had fun in the playroom, we decide to left French Village and went to rabbit farm.

The rabbit in the rabbit farm are very less and less attraction compare with mommy last visit at there! So, we just had a look around the farm! There are some goats, 鹤, deers, and a donkey!
We stayed there around 10 minutes, then we left Berjaya Hills and went towards to Bentong! 2 of you were slept along the journey to there! Around 45 minuts, we reached Bentong! 1st thing we want to do at Bentong was eat ABC (air batu campur, 什雪) ! BUT...... They closed that day!!! :( So, chiong gong brought us go around the Bentong town to find something to eat! At last, we stopped at a small restraunt and had our meal there! That time around 4pm.
After the delicious meal, chiong gong brought us to a water fall as his plan when we at Berjaya Hills! Chamang water fall! See what 2 of you did at there! Once we reach there, chiong gong straight brought Aiden to feel the cold water!
(Aiden :" Mommy. the water is really really cold!!! But I like it!!")

(Eden :"No please, pa pa! No!!! The water is too cold!! I don't want to touch it!!)

Aiden, you really enjoy the cold water! You see, until pa pa had to take off your pants!

Since Eden you didn't like to play with the cold water, chiong gong brought you go to the higher area!

After awhile, we decide to leave. But Aiden you still wanted to play! So, pa pa brought you to another area that can let you down and easier to handle you. But you seem like not so happy with the shallow water! You kept pointed to the deeper area that wanted pa pa to bring you there!! But for sure pa pa didn't bring you to the deeper part because he didn't bring any cloths to change and we were going to leave there!

Once again, Eden, you really didn't want to get down or even touch the cold water!!! Funny!! with the 2 legs hanging there!!
Before we get into the car, we went to the hanging bridge that just few steps away from the car park. We didn't really go across to the other side! Just stopped in the middle, take some photo, then got back to the car!

When we ready to go home, that time already 6pm! Everyone of us are very tired! But mommy can't sleep when on the way back cause need to chat with pa pa to make him feel not sleepy! Mommy leg's muscle got soreness throughout the whole day walk! :s
We really had a great day! Especially 2 of you! Mommy know 2 of you enjoyed so much for this trip even it was only 1 day!So, now! We are waiting for the coming Raya trip to Cameron Highland!!! Hooray!!!!!! ;)

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  1. Wow, such a good family outing with twins. So jealous..don't know when will be my turn with my twins haha ^_^