Saturday, September 5, 2009

Warm wishes!

Here, mommy want to thanks to pretty Aunty Catherine! She is such a kind and lovely person! She sent mommy a birthday card! Really happy when get the card! Thanks, Catherine!

Mommy don't know how long I didn't get any present or birthday card! Even your pa pa also seldom buy mommy a present! I think 10 fingers are enough to count! And only 1 or 2 present was pa pa went to buy by himself! Some more jiu jiu was with him that time! Other presents? He asked some one else to buy for him! :s So 'heart less'! ;p Eden & Aiden, make sure 2 of you don't do like your pa pa! Either to mommy or your future girl friend/wife! ;p

And with the card, there is another 2 things - Barney flash card & education cd are for Eden & Aiden! Before this she already gave 2 of you a flip book! As mommy say, she is very kind isn't it? Even though that was freebies from Nestle Neslac formula milk that she bought, but she is so willing to share these with us! Once again! Mommy say a thanks for 2 of you 1st - Thanks, Aunty Catherine! So, when 2 of you know how to pronounce 'thank you', you have to say it by your own! ;)


  1. wah!!! so nice! Mali hom, when is your birthday????? yoh sorry la... i blur & busy pls forgive me! we are BUDDY but i don know pulak! :S

    ok ok... i also wanna sent you a birthday gift!! :D

    btw, may I know where to buy this BARNEY flash card!!!!! hahahahhah!! I wanna ask Cat on Monday!! Love it!! :D

  2. Dear Irene,
    Glad that you like the card & freebies for twins. (Me feel so paiseh with high shoes on me..wahaha)

    知音難尋, 盡然有緣千里來相聚, 就要好好珍惜你這位好朋友哦 ^_^