Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Diaper stock!

Let's see the diapers stock with mommy now!!!!

I think, mommy no need to buy any diaper for at least 4 months + If the XL size you 2 can wear it when the L size is finish! ;)


  1. i also let my gals wear mp & drypers last time. if huggies got sale.. i also stock up a lot..

    i got Drypers XL to let go... available 3 packs @ RM28 each.. interested??

  2. Drypers a? my boys dun use many la.. coz i let them use cloth diaper when day time, use drypers only when the cd all wash n not dry yet!! but RM28 for how many pcs huh? i bought L size 72 @ RM36++ leh...

  3. icic.. mine is XL60.. RM28

    wah L72 RM36++ v expensive leh.. last time i manage to grab at RM32.90 only.

  4. wa... really cheap leh... but i seldom buy this la... this is my 2nd pack only....