Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Check up

Today around 3pm, mommy brought 2 of you for check up and pa pa was with us! This check up suppose set on 1/10/09. But maybe we will go out that day, so mommy decided to do it earlier! Mommy asked the nurse whether we can change the appointment to today and the answer was yes! ;)

When we waiting for our turn to weigh 2 of you, mommy let 2 of you played on the small slide and see saw. After around 10minutes, it's our turn! Eden & Aiden has a same weight - 9.5kgs! Then we wait again for the check up. But 2 of you started to make noise because it's about your nap time! When in the room for check up, 2 of you kept want to go outside for the slide n see saw! Since the nurse will only asked mommy few question as usual, mommy asked pa pa to bring 2 of you out to play. If not mommy totally cant have a conversation with the nurse!

After the Q&A section ( :s) , it's the time for the injection!!!! This injection suppose to give last month but that time 2 of you just recovered from bad cough! Still remember the previous post?? So, today 2 of you are healthy enough to get this jab!!! Since you 2 already started make noise due to tired, for sure when the nurse inject that time 2 of you will cry badly! And yes, the crying voice was loud enough to break the glass!!! But 2 of you just cried for a while. ;)

After back home, for play safe, mommy gave 2 of you fever medicine. Then you 2 were really tired and fall slept really fast!

After wake up from nap, 2 of you were like normal. No fever, no pain on the injection area. But after you 2 taken dinner and when mommy shower, 2 of you started to make noise. Aiden cant walk at all and need pa pa to carry! Eden still can walk with support by things! Until went on bed for sleep, Aiden still the same and Eden back to normal, can play and walk by your own. Mommy felt warm on 2 of your body, so gave fever medicine again! Hope everything will back to normal tomorrow morning after wake up!!!

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