Monday, September 7, 2009

Yum yum cheese macaroni!!

This macaroni was 1 of the thing that in the free goodies bag from Anggugu 2th anniversary event that we went on 8/8/09! Mommy left it aside for about 1 month. Finally, last Sunday, mommy decided to cook it as Eden & Aiden's lunch!!

It's quite simple to cook it! Just need 1 tea spoon of butter, full cream milk (mommy forgot to buy this, so mommy used the Isomil formulate milk to replace it! ;p), water. Then add in the macaroni and boil it!

After boiled, put everything in a pan. Then add some corn (or pea, but mommy didn't buy it also! so mommy used corn to replace this! ) Cook for a while. When almost done, add in some tomato that already cut into dice shape! Cook a while again then the macaroni is done!!

This is the 1st time 2 of you tried for this! Results came out - OK, 2 of you still accepted the taste! But can't finished the whole bowl maybe too much or get bored on it?

Hmm... next time mommy will buy some pasta or spaghetti to cook for 2 of you! So, you 2 get to eat some different dishes in your daily meal! Hope mommy will not forget on this!!! ;)

This is the San Remo macaroni that mommy cook :

The outcome....

Added some Cheesedale cheese on it!!

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  1. Nice meal..maybe can try Heinz ABC Pasta next time....can add with homemade tomato paste or homemade soup. Gambatei ^_^