Monday, September 7, 2009

Grabbed MP diapers & birthday gift from pa pa!!

Last Saturday, Carrefour supermarket had an offer of Mamypoko diaper @ RM41.89! Since it was the time to stock up your diaper that only left 1 pack, mommy went there with pa pa after he came back from work! Again, we left 2 of you at gu po's house! Really need to thanks gu po and her family! They always look after 2 of you when mommy went out!

We left 2 of you around 7pm after had a simple dinner cook by gu po! Let's see what mommy bought!

For Eden & Aiden : The Laughing cow cheez dippers, golden kiwi fruit, 2 packs of millet for porridge & 1 pack organic oats.

For mommy : 4 cups of Dutch Lady low fat yoghurt (2 x blueberries, 2 x apple)

Ta daaaaaa, this is the diaper mommy managed to grabbed! Mommy bought 7 packs of Mamypoko diaper, 2 packs of XL size were Joey mei mei's daddy ask mommy to buy for him, and 1 pack of Drypers diaper for your daily use if not enough of the cloth diapers!

And....... the last thing..........

Mommy's birthday present from pa pa!! When in the mall, pa pa said want to buy mommy a pair of earing as birthday gift! (Again.... No any surprise at all!! :s) Why earings? Because mommy wanted to buy earing long time ago since mommy has 2 'earing hole' on ear are no earing on it! After mommy choose and tried around, finally mommy got this design! And as usual pa pa never give any comment when mommy trying the earings!!! This is your pa pa!!

A simple diamond earing cost pa pa RM309!


  1. Wah..really miss this time( go n shopping for MP diaper) but now my boy already quite long time didnt shopping for diaper... ha ha by next year i will become MP regular customer again...:)

  2. wah.. go sapu stock again?! dun keep too much diaper as i believe twins will be diaper free soon ;)

    da diamond ear ring is simple but nice. now im wearing this design too but is from pasar mlm... wakaka.. hope 1 day can get myself a 1st diamond!

  3. Wah, so nice hubby bought you diamond earring. Grab so much for MP? Haha I guess if got offer, I don't have to MSN you for time being ^_^

  4. KC, u'll hav this chance very soon la..... tht time u can straight sapu new born, s, m, l and mayb xl sizes!! haha...

    ya.. liteng, when i sapu that time, i think of u!! haha... coz i remember u keep too many stock til wan to sell it off now! so, manage to sell it?

    catherine, need!! u must tell me oso.. coz i can inform my fren ma.. hehe.. thanks!! ;)