Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Day 1 after check up!

This morning, don't know why Aiden woke up so early! You woke up around 7am! Then you kept 'talk' to yourself on the bed :"pa pa... da da da.... po......". Until around 9am! Eden also woke up. 2 of you still got a bit warm. So, mommy gave 2 of you formula milk as breakfast then fever medicine.

Nothing different found on Eden but Aiden, you still don't want to come down to walk. Since yesterday night, mommy can feel a bit swollen on the injection area. You keep hold mommy tight when mommy cuddle you! Even today! When you stand up with holding something, your left leg (injection leg) will ban a bit. You only can move with slow motion like stand up or sit down! When you wanted to go some where, you will request us to carry you there! Pity my little boy.... Mommy really can feel your pain!

Now pa pa keep encourage Aiden to walk more with holding your hand! But you only manage to walk few steps then started to make noise! Hope you can recover very soon! Then we can go 'gai gai' since pa pa on leave these few days!! ;)

My pity boy......

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  1. My twins also can't walk on the first day after 18 months old injection. They were fine on the next day after a good rest ^_^

    Don't know how many more they need to go - they still have the PCV 2nd dose & chickenpox to go by next month :-(