Tuesday, September 15, 2009

What Eden & Aiden do recently...

~ will cover mouth with hand when cough/sneeze (sometimes... but if 2 of you forgot to do, once we remind, you 2 will act immediately!) Just now when dinner, 2 of you really make mommy LOL! Because Aiden you keep sneezing and mommy remind you to cover your mouth then mommy praise you. Then suddenly Eden you 'cough' so hard with hand cover mouth! Mommy laugh immediately because I know you saw mommy praise di di so you also did it and wanted me to praise you as well! So you make the 'fake cough'!!

~ Knock the door with correct way!

~ Favourite tv channel/shows/adv now - Channel - Xiao Tai Yang, Animal Planet / Shows - Justice Bao (Bao Qing Tian), Barney's song from youtube / Adv. - Annmum ( When the mother says :"来,学写大!" Then both of you will say "大!". Then the mother says again :" 什么东西是大的呢?". Then Eden you will say :" 爹". Suppose is "天" but you only managed to say "爹"! ) ;) , Darlie toothpaste (kiss kiss)

~ Throw rubbish into rubbish bin when we ask 2 of you to do or when you know that is rubbish!

~ Like to watch barney's song from youtube very much! Always request mommy to bring you into the office to watch!

~ Will show a very excited smile with both hand shake and make 'yeah' sound when know we will bring 2 of you go out or when giving something that you want!

~ Very good in call 爸爸! But when ask you call mommy, 2 of you will say "婆..." if mommy ask again, you will call 爸爸. :s And the best still is this - NEN NEN!! 2 of you can pronounce it very clear and good!! When mommy ask :" A for........" 2 of you will say :"a...ple" or some times :" ple...."!

~ Aiden you are very good in body language compare with Eden. Whatever you want, you will show mommy your body language! Like this afternoon, you wanted to play piano. You show mommy by pat pat the booster seat, then went to the piano there and point to the piano. Which mean you wanted mommy to bring the booster seat there and let you sit on it to play piano. Just now when on the bed, get ready to sleep, you requested mommy to sing a song. Using your body language also! Mommy didn't know what song you requested! You show mommy by swinging body & 拜拜!Mommy can't get what you mean so just simply sing a song. But you shake your hand telling me that was a wrong song! After mommy sang a few song, then only got a right song - Barney's songs!!! :D

Eden - Incey Wincey Spider song

Aiden - Fruity Pie song

How Eden & Aiden bai bai (praying)

Mommy :" 来,学写。。。" Aiden :" 大!!!"

*Note : Actually many more that 2 of you can / will do always, just sometimes mommy can't remember it and mark it down here!!! :s

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