Tuesday, September 15, 2009

New shoes are here!!

Mommy got this yesterday evening- NEW SHOES!!!! Bought from Aunt Angel also.

Again, she put the shoes in this and 2 of you saw it and requested for the biscuits!!! :s

Ta daaaaa....... Here are the 4 pairs of shoes!!! Nice?? 2 of you saw these shoes after woke up from nap, Aiden you were so happy, kept point on the shoes and make 'surprise' sound! Eden you straight wanted to wear it! Seem like 2 of you like the shoes so much! ;)

The 2 pairs of sandal are too big! 2 of you can't wear at all in this moment! Eden wore it and the shoes came off after you walk few steps and Aiden even not dare to walk when wearing it!! Hmmm.... Have to wait for few more months then....

Last, trying and playing with the new shoes..............


  1. oi

    so de COINCIDENT... 2 times also give u BABY BITES box haha... i remember 1st time is orange mia this time green... hahaha!

    Nice shoes leh... the sandal NICE!!

    TAM-SIM!!! KIA SU!!! now E&A can not wear la!! buy sandal 12 to 18mths ma... then later few mths Buy again ma!!!! yoh! SO TAM SIM! :p

  2. Wahahaha....This Angel very gv mommy LOL..the present to Irene.

    Wakaka..E&A must happy got new shoes again.

    Very nice the shoes.