Thursday, September 24, 2009

Happy Twin in astro 'Hai Zi Face'!!

Thanks Catherine for informed me about this event - Astro ‘孩子’脸谱征求活动. This is not a competition but is for merdeka celebration (I guess... ;p). Mommy sent out these 3 photos :

Actually this is not the 1st time mommy sent your photo to Astro! Before this mommy did sent your photo to Xiao Tai Yang channel for the birthday programme! Let's have a look!! ;)


  1. just love their smiles!

    From me to you, suejean =)

  2. Mali Hom, E&A is so cute leh. Wat event is this? Is it going to broadcast on Astro, if yes, pls keep pekpek mommies inform ya so tat we can 'bon cheong'.

  3. love da 3 photos! twins looks super duper cute^^

    how to join astro bday babies? my twins also march babies leh..

  4. Thanks SJ!! ;)

    Jenny, wont broadcast on astro la... jst a blog even i think.. i not so clear oso.. hahaa....

    Liteng, for the bd babies, u jst send ur babies' photo to them with your details like name, ic no., tel no., address, email add., babies' name & birthday.... i think thats all they want! not so sure after so many months! hehe.. now they accept email oso! must send in 1 month before birthday! Details u keep an eye on astro xiao tai yang channel ya! ;)

  5. hmm may i ask how u send ur kid's photo to astro xiao tai yang one?
    I search from internet but i cant find out the address and email from there~