Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Foot massage!

On merdeka day, 31/8/09, after finished dinner with wai gong, wai po, yi yi, biao jiu and biao yi, wai gong & wai po wanted to go for a foot massage! Mommy suddenly think of, long time didn't have foot massage after have 2 of you! So, mommy asked wai gong & wai po look after you 2 when pa pa & mommy 'enjoying' foot massage after their turns!

Since 2 of you keep 'ka ka cau cau' in the shop, wai po brought you 2 to the small karaoke shop that you 2 went before and just next fews door there! So, pa pa & mommy can really enjoy the foot massage!

After around an hour time, the foot massage done! Then pa pa & mommy went to bring you 2 back home. According to wai gong, 2 of you were so naughty! Keep want this and that, keep run/climb here and there! But that time was no other customer there (and there is always no customer! ;p) ! So, they just let you 2 be! :D

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  1. First time come and visit ur blog
    niceeee~keep it up and post more about ur cute twin!i linked u ad..