Monday, August 17, 2009

Great grandma 80th birthday!

Last Sunday, we celebrated 'wai po tai' (great grandma, wai po's mother) 80th birthday at restaurant. It was a buffet style dinner. So, mommy can let 2 of you walk around in the restaurant after your dinner! I think 2 of you were really enjoyed that night cause you kepty walk here and there! This is the thing that you like most for this moment!! You went on stage when every ko ko and jie jie singing and dancing there. You wanted to join them too! Later on was the birthday song with a big cake! 2 of you were so happy when see that! Mommy knew you wanted to eat the cake! When eveyone sang the birthday song with clap hands, you 2 were oso clap hands together! Now, everytime mommy sing this birthday song, you will clap hands with a sweet smile! After wai po tai cut the cake, there was a cha cha and disco time, some yi po and biao yi were dance together! You 2 were so excited and wanted to dance with them! And Eden you requested wai po to carry you to dance!!

Overall, we had a very quality time that night! Mommy get to met some yi po and biao yi that only see them once or twice a year!! ;)

(Jack Jack biao jiu holding Eden's hands to dance!)

(Aiden, don't know why you kept stick with Yeung Boy biao jiu.)

(Who you looking at?? Must be someone dance very funny infront of you!)

(Eden, you wanted to dance with wai po!)

(Hmm... I think the music were too loud that make you close your ear!)


  1. E & A so cute with overall ^_^
    Your mum so young & stylish ^_^

  2. haha... thanks... she will very happy when know this! ;D

  3. Irene, ur mom look v young le?? how old is she??

    Eden v enjoy dancing with wai po :D