Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Went to see Dr. Chan!!

As pa pa back too late on Saturday night. We only managed to bring E&A to see Dr. Chan on Sunday afternoon. Mommy decided to wake up at 8am morning but pa pa turn the alarm off and didn't wake mommy up, then HE ALSO BACK TO SLEEP AGAIN!!!! As he said wanted to wake up earlier then can bring 2 of you go to see doctor earlier! Who know........ Then when mommy woke up that time already 9.30am. Mommy faster wake pa pa up and nag nag him!! ;p Then we faster done everything and went to take breakfast with wai gong and wai po! After breakfast, we straight went to Dr. Chan's clinic @ Puchong.

We waited around 45minutes for our turn to see Dr. Chan. After he checked both of you, he said 2 of you breathing got sound, and Eden is more serious cause you got fever. Your air way got a bit infection, that's why you got fever. So, you cannot take cough medicine. Aiden is not as serious as Eden but 2 of you need to do the Nuberlizer gas treatment for 3 days.

Pa pa carried Aiden and mommy carried Eden. When the nurse put the mask on your face, you started to make noise. Eden, you kept wanted to pull down the mask then Aiden, you straight take the mask off from your face! Both of you started to cry loudly!! Pa pa can't get to hold Aiden, so after Eden only Aiden's turn. It was so hard when carry Aiden cause you kept struggle! Nurse also said you are really 'strong'!!! She told us that only need around 5 minutes for the treament but that time mommy felt that why the 5 minutes are so long???

Everyone looking at us when we out from the room! mommy think they just wonder what we doing in the room until 2 of you cried so badly!! After took the medicine and pay the bills, we went to a organic shop to buy a pack of millet then went back home.

Yesterday afternoon, wai gong brought us to Dr. Chan there, this time mommy asked gu po to go along cause mommy know 2 of you will cry badly and I can't handle you 2 by my own. And neither wai gong! But surprisingly, this time was better! Maybe gu po kept entertain you 2 with a ball! Eden didn't cry at all and you even can sit on the chair by your own when doing the treament! Aiden, you also not so bad. Why not so bad but not very good? Because you started to cry when the treament almost done! So, mommy hope the 3rd time also can as smooth as this time! But....

Today, wai gong brought us to Dr. Chan's clinic again. Gu po was going with us as well. Thought the treatment will run very smooth today. But Aiden. once you saw the mask near to you, you started to shake you hand and head! Telling us that you don't want that thing! Then you started to cry when mommy put the mask on your face! You cried until the whole treament done! Eden, you feel wanted to cry when see di di cried so badly! But you didn't cry because gu po keep play the ball with you! You even can play with gu po and laugh! Good boy!!

After the treament done, we wait to see Dr. Chan. Suddenly Eden fall down and the whole face knock on the floor! "Oh shit! This time must bleed a lot and don't know the teeth will drop or not!" This is the 1st thing in mommy's mind! Luckily your teeth are ok and the bleeding not so serious! After awhile, we went in the room to see Dr. Chan. He saw Eden cried so badly and asked what's happend! Mommy told him that you fall down then he said don't worry, the bleeding will stop when it dry! Then doctor check and listen to your breathing. He said the sound getting lesser! This is the good news! Then he wanted you 2 to take lung prevention medicine for 2 weeks! And since Eden air way getting better, he gave the cough and air way medicine! And more cough and phlegm medicine for Aiden cause the cough and phlegm maybe will last for 1 to 3 weeks! Just in case that the medicine not enough! But mommy think it's more than enough cause pa pa won't let you take too much medicine!

For these 3 days treament + concultant + medicine, pa pa need to pay RM536 (RM179 + RM36 + RM321)! So much!!! But as long as you 2 recover fast, how much we also willing to spend! 2 of your little chubby face looks smaller now!! Hope the cough and phlegm will 'go away' very soon!!!!


  1. 愛兒生病,疼在爹娘.

  2. Hope they will get well soon.