Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Wai gong came back!!!


Last 2 week wai gong went to China for 8 days! E&A didnt see him for so many days and miss him so much! When I asked Eden :"You miss wai gong or not?" He straight nodded his head and clap clap his hand then straight his hand up! Telling me he wants wai gong's hug hug!!! Asked him for few times he also did the same thing!

Finally, after so many days, wai gong came back in one afternoon!! They are so happy, kept clap clap hand and brought their hands high, wanted wai gong 'bao bao' (cuddle)!!! Wai gong were so happy when see that!! ;)


  1. The twins must b very attach with their wai CuTe..:)

  2. ya... especially Eden! Wai gong sayang him more!! always bring him here n there!

  3. Cute twin, sure love wai gong v much :D

  4. but wai gong always said when they grow up, they will forget him!! hehe...