Friday, August 21, 2009

Join wai po in line dance class!

Yesterday night, before we went for dinner, we need to fetch wai po that she was in her line dance class! When we reach there, wai po not yet finish her class! So, mommy let 2 of you down to 'dance' with wai po! Aiden was the most happy because you really like to 'dance' every time when we go there! Let's see how 2 of you 'dance'! :D


  1. haha! so cute leh!!! haha... talented leh!! ToMorrow STARS!haha... oi, E&A wearing the YAYA shoes is it? hehe... Good shoes leh??? haha... :p

    Good shoes only can Good Dance ma.. muahaha! :D

  2. Beat in ..beat in....tomorrow stars -E & A..haha so kawai ^_^

  3. wa... angel.. u round a big circle to praise the shoe ur selling?? haha..

    ya la.. this shoes really nice la...

    so... any advetising fee for me to promt ur shoe here? ekeke..