Monday, August 17, 2009

Pa pa & mommy went "pak toh"!

Last Saturday, pa pa & mommy went to Ikano Power Centre to redeem the prizes that E&A won in the Disney Baby Pooh Fair Candid Photo Contest! Because the H1N1 virus getting serious now, so we decided not to bring 2 of you go along! We left 2 of you with gu po around 5pm. This is the 1st time we go shopping without you!! Thought mommy can really enjoy my shopping time, but...

Below are the results board and the prizes' photo. Too bad mommy cant get anything that can keep as memory for this moment!

When mommy shop around in the shopping mall, all the shop i went to have a look were toys shop, baby boutique, book store & etc... Mommy didn't really shop for my own things! Mommy only went into Primavera shop cause I saw some great discount for the shoes! After i went into the shop and have a look, mommy saw a pair of shoe and ask pa pa is the shoe nice. And surprisingly pa pa said not bad!!! Then mommy faster ask pa pa buy for me! Haha.. Know why? Because pa pa seldom says nice on any shoes that mommy bought before!! He is very picky on ladies shoe! I think this is the 1st time that he said nice from his heart after thinking on it! :D And mommy bought a set of bibs for 2 of you. Since Eden is good in self-feed, so mommy got this type of bib to let you use! But you seem like not really like it and feel like it is disturbing you when you scoop the porridge and put into your mouth!

Pa pa kept ask mommy to call back home to ask your situation! He worried that 2 of you keep naughty! And worried all the ah yi & jiu jiu give those unhealthy snack for you to eat! This is your pa pa! ;) Mommy asked pa pa don't worry too much! I'm so hard to have these few hours 'leave', please let me enjoy my shopping! Even though mommy knew that was impossible!
Pa pa kept looked around for the toys to buy for you! He feel like guilty because didn't bring 2 of you go along! At last he got these 3 cheap toys but not really cheap for you! He knows 2 of you like the color cube so much, so he bought this, and the 'ball' was mommy wanted to buy many months ago when we went Petaling street last time! And the plane seem interesting so pa pa also agree to buy it! These 3 cost RM32!

See!! This is pa pa & mommy 1st time wearing a face mask when shopping! So, mommy faster snap it down before we take it off! :D


  1. Wow, so jealous - can go patho w/o twins & hubby even bought you sweet ^_^
    (Mind to share some tips? I also want to hint my hubby to buy things for me hee hee)

  2. tips a?? eh.. i terus ask him to buy for me 1... no need hint hint 1... hahaha... my hubby very sotong 1 la... how u hint him, even the hint very clear he oso will do nothing 1! dunno he pretend dunno i hint him or wat.. :D

  3. ur hubby is more responsible then my hubby :)

    Irene, How much u brought the "ball"?

    My 2bb like & play it b4 at relative hse(Spore) when family gathering there. They love the "ball", calorful & can chg size d :)

  4. suhar, this ball only RM10...

    my boys oso love to play it! when u kick it, it will bcome big then when it stop at a place it will back to small.. haha...