Monday, August 10, 2009

The International Breastfeed Week 2009 & 2 Anniversary of Anggugu Forum!

Last Sunday, we went to join this International Breastfeed Week Event & 2nd Anniversary Of Anggugu Forum at Jupiter Hall, Global Business Park, PJ! Organised by Anggugu Forum! 1 of the programme were 1 minute breastfeed with all breastfeed mommies! for sure i can't miss this programme! What a meaningful event!!

We reached there around 10.30am. There are some stalls selling mommy & babies' stuff! Around 11am, the 1minute breastfeed programme started! Before the 'start' announcement, Eden already started suck suck! He just cant wait for it! :D After Eden, then Aiden's turn! ;)

We stayed there until 2.30pm, cause they started to feel tired and sleepy! I think they really had a very nice day because they can keep walk around in the hall!! They got some balloons from clown, but Aiden scared to clown! He kept shaking his head when see him! Eden kept get close with the children around and kept touch/took their toys/balloons! He will just go here and there by his own and never feel scare!!

I interviewed by a reporter of Feminine mag (Feng Chai)! And their photographer did take some E&A's photo! Hope can see it in the coming issue! Overall this event was run very successful and we really enjoyed it!! ;)


  1. Lets cross our fingers & wish that your interview will be publish very soon.
    I'll grab 1 to support E & A ^_^

  2. haha... thanks 1st... but dunno will publish or not... ;)

  3. they so sweet in pink!! juz like prince charming :)

    wah.. got interview this time.. congrats!
    do tell me which issue then i can grab 1 n support too!

  4. wow, got interview... so nice.

    Glad to see tis BF event successfuly organise. :)

    Keep it up, continue BF happy twin....