Monday, December 14, 2009

Back to pa pa's house, our real home!! ;)

Last 2 weeks, we went back to pa pa's house! Stayed there for 2 weeks with Yi Hwa ah yi along us! She is in school holidays. So she can look after 2 of you when mommy busy with the housework!

Mommy decided to fried noodles to eat since we bored with the outside food! This is the 1st time ever in my life! Before this mommy only cook Maggie mee, egg, nuggets...... ;) So, mommy called gu po and she asked me to fried spaghetti as this is easier!

Mommy followed the step that gu po taught and mommy success to cook the fried spaghetti! The very 1st time in my life!! Both of you like it so much! And even pa pa also said it was nice! And we finished the noodle and pa pa said not enough!!! ;p

This is the ingredients!

Done cooking!

The outcome! A bit too dry!
Eden enjoying the spaghetti!

Aiden showed mommy 'good'!!! ;)