Tuesday, December 29, 2009

We can sing and dnace!

Recently, Aiden you like to follow the dance that showing on tv! You will try to dance together with the dancer, try to follow how they dance! You like Astro小太阳channel's songs like '水果冰淇淋' (Fruity Pie), songs from 'YOYO 午点名' & 'YOYO 晚点名' programme, Barney's songs and etc.

Eden you also can dance but Aiden likes to dance more. Because you seldom dance when mommy ask you to do or when listening the song! ;)

The songs that you 2 like to dance with :
-If you're happy
-Incey wincey spider

Songs that you 2 can 'sing' (Actually just can sing the 'ma ma', 'a a', or 'wa wa') :
-娃娃有一个好妈妈 妈妈有一个好娃娃
树发牙 树开花 娃娃已长大
妈妈妈妈 可知道我害怕
哦 娃娃 哦 娃娃 外面的风雨大

-小蝌蚪啊小尾巴 游来游去找妈妈
妈妈 妈妈 你在哪儿
来来来来 我来啦 来了一只大青蛙

-啦啦啦 啦啦啦 我学汉语拼音啦 啊 啊 啊 啊

Will upload some video about this later!! ;)

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