Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Happy gathering with MP forum mommies!!!

Mommy was so happy to meet up few buddies mommies - Auntie Angel, Auntie Carol & Auntie Catherine. I know them through MP Forum and we always chat through MSN. Since Auntie Angel came to KL during this Christmas Holidays, so we set our 1st gathering at IOI Mall, Puchong, 26th Dec 2009.

We reached there about 12.30pm and Auntie Angel was waiting us there since 12pm. And we are not the last one who reach there! Auntie Carol was the last! ;p After we exchanged our christmas gifts, we heading to Wendy's for a good place to chit chat! We only had a short gathering , we spent a quality and happy time there!! Looking forward for more gathering with them - Auntie Angel, Carol, and Catherine! ;)

Some gifts received that day:

From Auntie Carol. She knew that 2 of you like Barney so much, so she bought the mini Barney!

From Auntie Catherine. Mommy just plan to buy a color pencil for 2 of you and Auntie Catherine gave you 2 this! So nice!!!

From Auntie Angel. More and more cloths for 2 of you! ;)

From Auntie Carol also. Actually she wanted to give this to another auntie's daugther. But the auntie didn't come on that day, so Auntie Carol gave it to 2 of you. Thanks again! ;)

Some pics of that day:

Happy family!!! ;)

From left : An Jie biao jiu, Aiden, Eden, mommy, Oscar, Auntie Angel, Shawn, Auntie Carol and Auntie Catherine.
P/S: Auntie Catherine didn't bring her twins along that day. If not the gathering will be perfect!! Hope next time she will bring them along! ;)

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