Monday, November 2, 2009

Pa pa's birthday!

31/10/09 was pa pa's 29 years old birthday!! Oooo... He is getting old!!! :D We had a very nice dinner at Cyberjaya Kitchen Village restaurant with Joey's parents! Joey's pa pa is mommy kindergarten, primary, and secondary school classmate! We still keep in touch very often!!

Actually that night we didn't have any celebration for pa pa! Mommy thought to give pa pa a surprise, asked An Ju biao jiu buy a cake and wait us at ah tai's house but very bad, he didn't come back that night! :s

So, maybe we only do it this coming Saturday if we not going anywhere! ;)

Order time! Aiden:" Let's see what dishes are nice!!" ;p
Eden :"Mommy, I'm so hungry!"

Eden 'fake' smile in front of camera!

Pretty Joey mei mei

Yummy dishes

After dinner, running time!!

Don't know this is Eden or Aiden, dancing with Joey mei mei?? Cha cha?? :D

2 of you kept hug hug Joey mei mei that night! Seem like she was quite like it! ;p


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