Saturday, November 14, 2009

Xiao jiu jiu's graduation!

7/11/09 was xiao jiu jiu's graduation day of his 6 years secondary school life! We went to his school - Chong Hua High School Seremban to celebrate with him! Once we reached, his tears immediately came out from his eyes. Maybe he was so touch when saw wai po oso went with us! (Actually wai po said don't want to go but she turned on last minutes!) So, mommy asked yi yi take out the camera and faster snap his crying face!! ;p See!!!

Crying baby!!! :D

This is the bouquet we gave to jiu jiu! Cost us RM120!!! So expensive!!!

Jiu jiu and his friend taking picture with 2 of you!

And this also.

Again.... Taking photo is jiu jiu's hobby!!!

And the last... Congratulation to xiao jiu jiu for this graduation!

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